Thank you for your interest in Performance Kennels Inc. — located in Buffalo, MN. We started our business in 1998 with the goal of providing high quality police service dogs with an added personal touch. Unlike most importers, we still hand select every dog in Eastern Europe, and offer smaller class sizes with more one-on-one, trainer-to-student training time than most other kennels.

Before retiring from police work, I was involved with my department's K-9 unit as a handler, supervisor and trainer for 22 years. The rest of our training staff consists of current or former law enforcement or military K-9 handlers, including handers from municipal and County law enforcement agencies, The United States Marine Corps, The United States Army, The United States Secret Service and the B.A.T.F.

Our ultimate objective it to ensure that every dog team that we train becomes the absolute best team they can possibly be. If a green dog is purchased, we will do everything possible to ensure that dog is a success. Please contact us with any questions that you may have. I would love to earn your business.

Steve Pearson Owner/Trainer

The demand for top quality working dogs has never been higher. Unlike most importers, we hand select every dog we train from Eastern Europe.


The worldwide demand for top quality working dogs has never been higher. With the high demand and low supply of quality dogs, the ability of many vendors to acquire these dogs has diminished for some, and totally disappeared for others. In 2004 Performance Kennels took steps to ensure our ability to acquire the highest quality dogs for law enforcement, and established a relationship with a major supplier in Eastern Europe to meet the needs of our clients.  

Quality is our ultimate goal, not quantity. If you want to test 15 to 20 dogs to find the one dog that is best for your agency, Performance Kennels is not for you. Our on-hand supply of dogs is intentionally low. We do not believe in maintaining a “herd” of dogs only to have them sitting around in kennels waiting for someone to come along and select them. We feel that such a business model is detrimental to the dogs. We strive to match each dog with the needs of the purchasing agency as well as the personality, home life and skill level of the prospective handler. Unlike most importers, we travel to Eastern Europe where — with the assistance of our European partners — we test, evaluate and select every dog.

Our dogs have been tested in the areas of apprehension work, scent work, ball drive, search drive, environmental stability and sociability. Such tests are not intended to replace basic handler and dog training, they are intended to select the best possible dogs for the handlers and your agency’s needs. The dogs are guaranteed to be psychologically and physically suitable for basic patrol dog and dual-purpose detector dog training. If Performance Kennels staff does not conduct the basic training, it must be done in accordance with generally accepted law enforcement canine training standards and guidelines. See Our Guarantee for further details.

The breeds that we specialize in for patrol dogs are the German Shepherd Dog and the German Shepherd / Malinois cross. In order to meet demand, our breeders are crossing the German Shepherd with the Malinois with marvelous results. This breeding combines the drive of the Malinois with the stability of the German Shepherd. Purebred Malinois are also available. However, we will only sell a purebred Malinois as prospective patrol dogs to those who are experienced with the breed.

Whether it is a green or a fully trained dog, we specialize in high quality dogs for law enforcement. Whatever the need, we go the extra mile to ensure the highest quality dogs to fulfill the individual needs, goals and objectives of our customers.


Performance Kennels specializes in detector dog training. A large number of our single-purpose detector dogs are from the sporting or hunting groups such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Spaniels, or mix thereof. These "softer" looking dogs tend to blend in and are used by narcotics officers who deploy the dogs in plain clothes without giving the impression that they are “police dogs”.  Imported German Shepherd Dogs, GSD/Mal cross, and purebred Malinois are also available for this purpose. Many of our imports who are trained for detection work are also trained in tracking and evidence search.

Our narcotic detector dogs are pre-trained to the passive alert on marijuana, hash, cocaine, crack, ice (meth), tar heroin, brown powder heroin, mushrooms, extacy and molly. Upon request, we will delete marijuana and hash from the list of imprinted substances. After the dogs are pre-trained we spend two weeks teaching the new handlers how to work their dogs.  

Our explosive detector dogs are imprinted on Military block TNT, granular TNT, C-3, C-4, HMX, detasheet, semtex, cast boosters, comp B, det cord (RDX and PETN), black powder, time fuse, safety fuse, fireworks, pyrodex, potassium chlorate, sodium chlorate, flash powder, smokeless powder (single and double base), ammonium nitrate, prills, ammonium based emulsions and water gel. Additional substances can be added. Handler training is three weeks. All explosive dogs are trained to the ORT (odor recognition test).

Performance Kennels has vast experience training wildlife detector dogs for Game Warden K-9 programs. We have trained dogs to detect fish, venison, zebra mussels, spent shotgun shells and brass and guns. Sporting breeds are the most commonly used dogs for this type of mission


Performance Kennels offers a variety of courses ranging from very basic to advanced dog and handler training. We also offer three or four day training seminars covering all patrol dog functions, tracking, detection work, problem solving and decoy work. We try to keep our class sizes small to optimize the one-on-one trainer to student time. All handlers who have attended one of our courses listed below receive lifetime problem solving and training assistance at no cost.

This “extra” training must occur at locations determined by South Florida K-9 and are conducted in conjunction with other ongoing courses. Travel to your location may also be arranged at extra cost. Our staff of trainers are certified through the USPCA, NPCA, Department of Defense or ATF, and are either current or former law enforcement or military K-9 handlers and/or trainers.

10-WEEK BASIC PATROL DOG COURSE: This course is offered to all who purchase their K-9 from us. It includes instruction on evidence search, building search, tracking, obedience, agility, tactical deployments, muzzle work, passive gunfire, K-9 first aid, use of force and report writing. Our patrol course typically runs from late March into early June of each year. Fall courses are added as demand increases. Upon request, we will provide a patrol lead, obedience lead, choke collar, pinch collar, detection lead and 500 (XL) crate. Please contact us for the latest pricing and availability. 

4-WEEK NARCOTIC DETECTOR COURSE: The first narcotic course of the year takes place in the month of February. It is intended for the new handlers who purchase their new dogs from us and will be attending the spring basic patrol dog course. The dogs are trained to the passive alert and are imprinted on marijuana, hash, ice (meth) cocaine, crack, tar heroin, brown powder heroin, mushrooms, extacy and molly. Marijuana and hash can be removed from the list of substances the dogs are imprinted on upon request. K-9 first aid, report writing, and search warrant preparation are included. This course is conducted on an as needed basis between July and December of each year. Please contact us for the latest pricing and availability

3-DAY ADVANCED TRACKING SEMINARS: In most police agencies tracking is the patrol dog’s bread and butter. Handlers will be given the tools needed to successfully track humans in the real world. We teach the dogs how to give us the “negative”. We show the handlers how to confirm that the dog is still on the track, how to navigate road crossings and turns. Scent discrimination and hard surface tracking techniques are also covered. It is preferred that these seminars are conducted at your location since we want to train in the same environments that the handlers and dogs work in.

PRETRAINED DOG HANDLER COURSES: These courses are conducted for those who have purchased a pre-trained K-9 from us. Narcotic K-9 handlers receive 2 weeks of training and explosive K-9 handlers receive 3 weeks. The training includes K-9 first aid, case law, report writing and search warrant preparation.


Performance Kennels has an established partnership with Dogs For Defense Inc. offering explosive and narcotics detection services to the private sector.  We have contracted with numerous businesses for our detection services including: concert venues, major shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, casinos and chemical dependency treatment centers. Whatever the detection need, we deliver.  More information about Dogs For Defense Inc. can be found at: www.dogsfordefense.us


Our dogs have been tested in the areas of apprehension work, scent work, ball drive, search drive, environmental stability, psychological stability and sociability. Such tests are not intended to replace basic handler and dog training. They are intended to select the best possible dogs for the handlers and your agency’s needs. Unless a dog is purchased exclusively for single purpose detector work, all dogs are guaranteed to be psychologically and physically suitable for basic patrol dog and dual-purpose detector dog training.

If Performance Kennels Inc. staff does not conduct the basic training, it must be in accordance with generally accepted law enforcement canine training standards and guidelines. In addition, certified professional police or military canine trainers must conduct all basic training. Failure to do so may void the guarantee. Workability guarantee terminates once the dog successfully completes a basic training course.

The dogs are guaranteed to be free from debilitating genetic defects in the hips and elbows for one year from the original date of possession by the purchasing agency.  The dogs must be trained, cared for and maintained as directed by the dog’s veterinarian(s) and training staff. 

Unless specifically approved by the training staff, new canine handlers must not engage in any training of a new dog without supervision by a member of the training staff. Health problems or related issues including behavioral problems must be reported to Performance Kennels Inc. as soon as they are detected. Failure to make such a report may result in voiding the warranty. Performance Kennels Inc. will not be liable for any medical related treatment or exam fees pursuant to the warranty unless previously notified about the potential health problem.

This warranty does not include social, behavioral, health, or medical problems due to: poor diet, exposure to unusual or excessive environmental conditions, negligence, excessive compulsion, unsupervised training, injury, abuse, maltreatment, normal illness, bloat, (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) torsion, disease, ingestion of any controlled substance(s) or other foreign substance, allergies, failure to provide appropriate preventative medical care, or failure of the handler to recognize a potential behavioral or social problem with the dog as a result of a learned behavior or potentially traumatic incident. This warranty does not cover behavioral problems or other trainability issues if an electronic training collar or bark collar was used on the dog.

Green dogs come with health records and a health certificate. Upon arrival in the U.S. each dog is tested for heartworm, Lymes, EHRL, and ANA.  Only dogs who's tests were negative for these diseases are delivered. All dogs have also been given heartworm preventative and have been treated for potential internal parasites. X-rays of the hips and elbows are on file and available upon request.

Since 9/11 the worldwide demand for quality imports has risen and keeps rising. As a result of the low supply of high quality green dogs, we are compelled to purchase these dogs at a much younger age. Trainers must adapt their training methods accordingly. New customers are reminded that during basic training these new dogs must be given an opportunity to learn with a minimum of compulsion.

Dogs who are subjected to sudden dramatic or traumatic events or situations may exhibit undesired behaviors or symptoms resulting in an inability to work as a police service dog. This warranty does not cover such situations should this occur outside of the presence or direction of Performance Kennels training staff. The inability of a trainer (who does not work for Performance Kennels) to train the "out" command is not grounds to return a dog.

The canine team has the responsibility to train and/or maintain the dog's skills in accordance with generally accepted principles and guidelines given to the handler upon purchasing the dog from Performance Kennels Inc. Performance Kennels Inc. and it's training staff will work with all of our customers to the fullest extent possible to resolve any issues, problems, or complaints not specifically addressed here.  Depending on the situation a replacement dog at reduced cost may be offered to a purchasing agency.  Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchasing agency.  Cash refunds are not included in this warranty. 

Updated 04/2/16